Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working in a company - read an interesting blog

A very good blog on common mistakes made by freshers on first job.Even useful for experienced persons

Complete article is here

Common points are

  1. Never be late
  2. Do not gossip about boss/co-worker/organisation
  3. Do not find faults with management
  4. Always be willing to learn
  5. Do not show off / Talk about personal problems
  6. Never give up

Rocket Singh and Lunch on Dec 15th,2009

On Tuesday Dec 15th,2009 We saw Rocket Singh - Salesman of the year at Spice Mall, Noida and then a quick lunch at food court.

Rocket Singh is a movie based on IT office and performance of average people with ordinary skills and creating extraordinary results.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My visit to Indian Agriculture Research Institute and agrimach 2009

Today I visited IARI, met Dr Pramod, Dr Saxena and Mr Sharma from IARI. They are setting up an incubator at IARI, Pusa premises.

It is really nice that Govt organisation are now realising that wealth and business and development can be created only by entrepreneurs who take risk and also that entrepreneurs need to be supported.

IARI is now looking for few entrepreneurs who can set up their office within IARI premises, get all support like admin staff, fax, furniture, electricity, power back up, parking place, a good library, access to students and qualified and competent faculty and a good networking opportunities and then a nice place next to a metro station.

Checkout their website inviting entrepreneurs 

I also visited the exhibition at IARI premises. There were so many foreign companies who were selling expenses instruments for farms and field. Electronics is widely used in all developed countries to boost their agriculture output.

Now we are also looking to be a part of growing field of agri-electronics.

Will be meeting IARI people again on 15th December.