Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iweekend - Delhi

iweekend is a wonderful concept by, a spain based organization. Around 50 entrepreneurs participate in this 2.5 days event. On friday evening session, few entrepreneurs present their ideas, other vote for them online thru their laptops. Based on voting 7 entrepreneurs are selected for next round. They have to face Q&A from other entrepreneurs and again there is one more round of voting. Top 4 makes to next round.

In the final round, an invited guest (in Amity, Noida - IIM, Banglore faculty) asks few questions from selected entrepreneurs and they reply to it. Again there is a round of voting and then finally two entrepreneurs are declared winners.

Next 2 days, all entrepreneurs form 2 teams with two selected ideas and work to create a complete business plan as a team. They in turn are mentored by VCs, senior entrepreneurs and other leading industry persons.

In short this is a wonderful experience. More as as my idea was declared winner #1 at Amity, Noida.

It was also organized at IIM, Banglore, IIM, Ahmedabad apart from Amity, Noida in March 2010.

Building up on Ideas : Stage 2 from on Vimeo.

Idea 1 - Final Presentation from on Vimeo.

iWeekend Delhi - In Conversation with from on Vimeo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Lecture at AKG engg college

During my participation in ISBA in Feb 2010, Dr Paul, Dean at AKG College of Engg visited us and liked our designs and then invited us for a guest lecture at his college.

On March 12,2010, we visited AKG College of Engg at Ghaziabad on NH24.I It was around 20 kms Noida and had good infrastructure and a dedicated faculty. 

I spent around 30 minutes talking about myself, electronics and embedded and my favorite project Joy-n-Freedom. During Q&A there were no queries from students, however during the demo of our products, there were lot of queries. 

Students at AKGCE were really wonderful, intelligent and working on lot of new project. Only thing there (as well at most of other engg colleges) was lack of interaction with industry and they were working on old and obsolete technology.

However I saw dedication and keen interest in students welfare in HOD, Electronics Mr Chopra's vision and plan.

I am sure under his guidance, students of AKGEC will create wonderful results.

My best wishes to faculty and students. I am also looking for closer interaction and more projects along with them.

Swati Mehta and Pankaj Talwar assisted me in the presentation. As usual there were cheerful, happy and eager to work and do what ever is required without any issues. 

Copy of presentation is here

Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking for marketing team on profit sharing basis

GVC has been focussing on technical innovation and developed some very innovative designs. We got good appreciation from every one.

Marketing or sales was not a focus area till now.

In 2010-11, we are focussing on this and are looking for a self motivated person to join us ASAP.

We are looking for some one who has background in electronics and embedded software along with passion to meet and sell concepts to people. We are not concerned with your qualification.

Compensation will be in two parts - Fixed Salary + Profit Sharing.

Let us know your views or ideas or queries. Call me at 9811074026 or send email to