Friday, October 28, 2016

Elevator Latch Switch

In Elevator, we need some toggle switches line fan/light and emergency stop. The one way is to use toggle switches however most of the toggle switches can not be flushed with the COP.

Here is an electronic board that connects to soft touch switches and create an output that can be switches on and off by single press of COP switch. This board can have two switches and two outputs

Each output can control 220V AC / 7 Amps.

Both outputs are isolated so one can be used to control fan/light and another one for emergency stop

Here is the video and test setup for same

The design is based around 8 bit micro controller from and has been designed by GVC Systems and is available for a low price of Rs 999/- each. Quantity discounts are available

Here are technical specifications

Input Voltage  20 - 26V DC
Output Connections - Upto 220V AC and 6 Ampere
Switches  - Normal Elevator Switches.
Latched outputs - Two
Condition at power on - Off
Contacts - Normally Open Zero Potential Outputs
Size - 65 mm X 60 mm

Here is the image of PCB drawing