Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our New Poster

We have designed this poster for our stall at Techmart at Trade Fair, Pragati Maidan. 

Our investors and mentors have made us realise that intelligent designs will work only when added with intelligent marketing. So this is our first try. We are coming with more marketing literature.

We found that the most of the ad designers are good for standard products like builders or tuition classes. We could (or they were not keen to understand) our concept and design logo or ad. So we are choosing the best option ie asking support from our friends and well wishers for content. This is first ad and we request you to correct grammatical mistakes/ rewrite content  / suggest new ideas.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Commercialisng Products : Prototype to Market

Recession in India encouraged all institutes (Management and Engg) to focus on entrepreneurship.  National Entrepreneurs Network organised a 3.5 days Faculty Development Program at International Management Institute where 25 faculty members from various management institutes across India were trained by Prof Somayajulu and Prof P.C. Mehra.

The unique feature was that they also invited 5 'hot' entrepreneurs to participate in the program, where they shared their real life problems and challenges. While faculty offered them the text book solution. In short both learned in the process.

Each entrepreneur got 5 faculty members who worked with him/her for 3.5 days and prepared long term plan for him/her. 

Of course I was one of them. Faculty members who worked with me included

1. Prof Anita T Lal, Delhi
2. Prof Vikas Rajput,  Delhi
3. Prof Prashant, Jaipur
4. Prof Geetha Suresh, Banglore
5. Prof Arun Das, Burdwan, West Bengal

It was nice experience for me where five senior faculty members (all of them with PhD) and me who has not even a graduate working together on my business.

Prof Anita Lal invited me to her college  Fore School of Management  where we interacted with 180 students of Final year MBA and shared our problems and achievements. Students in turn made suggestions and agreed to work with me.

In short for next one year, raw passion and energy of entrepreneur Vinay Chaddha will be combined with sophistication of Faculty and MBA students for magical results.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Employee stole source code - Company files FIR against employee and his customer

Few years back , an employee of a Gurgaon based ACEM TELEPOWER LTD stole source code and started working for another company.

ACME files fir against the employee and his prospective customer. Result was that employee was arrested and put into jail.

While software piracy and stealing of software is not rare - filing of FIR and police action is rare.

This case was filed under sections 379(theft), 408(breach of trust), 420 (Cheating) and 109 (Abetment) of Indian Penal Code as well as some sections of the Information Technology Act 2000.

Good job ACME and POLICE.

Read the complete story here


Sunday, April 4, 2010

High Court favors Garware Ropes against Indian Railways + Contractor

Indian Railways and its contractor used patented technology of Garware Ropes without paying any royalty. The excuse used by them was that it for Indian Railways and Indian Railways invite tenders in the name of President of India.

Yet, Mumbai High Court gave ruling in favor of Garware Ropes and said that tha Garware Wall Ropes can not be deprived of fruits of patents.

News in Times of India can be accessed at link below


And Mumbai High Court Order is here


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indian Patent Holders Stops Samsung Imports against Patents infringement

An engineer from Madurai filed a patent for DUAL SIM CARD long time back. He was granted the patent last year. This year he filed a case that resulted in all imports of dual sim card phones getting held at airport.

Chennai High Court has rejected the SAMSUNG petition.  Engineer from Madurai has demanded a royalty of Rs 35/- per piece from importers.

I am not sure what will be the outcome, yet it shows that Indians are getting aware of IP rights and taking actions to protect it.

See the complete articles in Economic Times March 23,2009

Indian courts inclined towards protecting original works

In a news article in Hindustan Times, leading lawyers talk about various cases in Court where original creators got the support of court and won hefty payments.

Various cases like that of Ram Gopal Verma's movie RANN, Rakesh Roshan's movie KRAZZY 4 were discussed in this articles.

Read the complete article here.


Indian Courts, Police help small time copy right/patents owners and takes action against violaters

In April 2008, Hritik Roshan's movie Krazzy 4 got into problem by unauthorized use of  songs of  Ram Sampath. Hign Court gave verdict in favor of original music creator and he  got 2 crore in out of court settlement. A big boost to original creators.

More details at Yahoo site for Indian Movies


and at rediff


and in Times of India


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iweekend - Delhi

iweekend is a wonderful concept by iweekend.org, a spain based organization. Around 50 entrepreneurs participate in this 2.5 days event. On friday evening session, few entrepreneurs present their ideas, other vote for them online thru their laptops. Based on voting 7 entrepreneurs are selected for next round. They have to face Q&A from other entrepreneurs and again there is one more round of voting. Top 4 makes to next round.

In the final round, an invited guest (in Amity, Noida - IIM, Banglore faculty) asks few questions from selected entrepreneurs and they reply to it. Again there is a round of voting and then finally two entrepreneurs are declared winners.

Next 2 days, all entrepreneurs form 2 teams with two selected ideas and work to create a complete business plan as a team. They in turn are mentored by VCs, senior entrepreneurs and other leading industry persons.

In short this is a wonderful experience. More as as my idea was declared winner #1 at Amity, Noida.

It was also organized at IIM, Banglore, IIM, Ahmedabad apart from Amity, Noida in March 2010.

Building up on Ideas : Stage 2 from Dreamcast.in on Vimeo.

Idea 1 - Final Presentation from Dreamcast.in on Vimeo.

iWeekend Delhi - In Conversation with from Dreamcast.in on Vimeo.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Lecture at AKG engg college

During my participation in ISBA in Feb 2010, Dr Paul, Dean at AKG College of Engg visited us and liked our designs and then invited us for a guest lecture at his college.

On March 12,2010, we visited AKG College of Engg at Ghaziabad on NH24.I It was around 20 kms Noida and had good infrastructure and a dedicated faculty. 

I spent around 30 minutes talking about myself, electronics and embedded and my favorite project Joy-n-Freedom. During Q&A there were no queries from students, however during the demo of our products, there were lot of queries. 

Students at AKGCE were really wonderful, intelligent and working on lot of new project. Only thing there (as well at most of other engg colleges) was lack of interaction with industry and they were working on old and obsolete technology.

However I saw dedication and keen interest in students welfare in HOD, Electronics Mr Chopra's vision and plan.

I am sure under his guidance, students of AKGEC will create wonderful results.

My best wishes to faculty and students. I am also looking for closer interaction and more projects along with them.

Swati Mehta and Pankaj Talwar assisted me in the presentation. As usual there were cheerful, happy and eager to work and do what ever is required without any issues. 

Copy of presentation is here


Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking for marketing team on profit sharing basis

GVC has been focussing on technical innovation and developed some very innovative designs. We got good appreciation from every one.

Marketing or sales was not a focus area till now.

In 2010-11, we are focussing on this and are looking for a self motivated person to join us ASAP.

We are looking for some one who has background in electronics and embedded software along with passion to meet and sell concepts to people. We are not concerned with your qualification.

Compensation will be in two parts - Fixed Salary + Profit Sharing.

Let us know your views or ideas or queries. Call me at 9811074026 or send email to vinay@gvc.in

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IIT D Entreprenurial Summit Feb 20-21,2010

GVC particpated in IIT D E-Cell summit on Feb 20 and Feb 21

This was a wonderful experience as six students were part of the team. All of them did a wonderful job and created a space of energy and excitment.

We showcased our GSM based designs. Purpose of the show was to get feedback about our products and look for potential partners and investors. 
                                                                                            GSM+TV was appreciated by almost every one. The feature of getting call details and SMS on TV was unique and lot of people liked this idea.

We met four investors and one of them is now prospective buyer of our design. Apart from Microsoft, Nokia Siemens and Mcdonalds have shown interest in our designs.

Apart from products, we also put up a LCD Monitor and played presentation for the whole day.

Let me also acknowledge students who spent time and energy

Jasmeen Kaur - B Tech IT
Karan Agarwal - B Tech IT
Varun Mathur - BSc IT
Nitish Nanda - BBA
Swati Mehta - B Tech EC
Pankaj Talwal - B Tech EC

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yourstory.in interviewed me

Read the online interview at following link. Yourstory in an online portal and showcases entrepreneurs. Ove 4000 entrepreneurs in various fields are interviewed.  Yourstory also sponsors various events at E-Cells of various colleges. 

So if you have any plans for becoming an entrepreneur then this site provided lot of information related to funding, resources and networking.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Attending ISBA Conference and exhibiting our designs on Feb 8-9-10,2010

This week we participated in ISBA conference and exhibited our GSM based devices at  R@W (research at work) stalls.

We have showcased our GSM based devices and got lot of positive feedback and new ideas from Media, Academicians, Industry people and Funding organisations.

Apart from exhibiting our designs, we also met lot of fellow entrepreneurs with their own ideas and products.  One smart gentleman (singer, yoga teacher and entrepreneur) from Manipur exhibited handicraft products from grass and a pretty young girl with graduation in architecture and post grad in Product Designing and just out of IIT-Kanpur was showing graphics designs.

Well, India is truly a country of brave and intelligent people and lot of opportunities are available now. People as young as college freshers to 60+ starting their first venture were there. It is exciting to be with so many energetic persons.

We also received invitation to show case our products at IIT-Delhi. So on Feb 19th and 20th we will be IIT Delhi at entrepreneur's corner.

A session by DST, IAN informed us about various options of funding and grant available from various govt agencies.

In short these three days gave us lot of feedback about our products, interaction with various entrepreneurs taught us few more lessons on innovation and meeting with academicians and Govt official have shown us ways for getting more support.

And of course we are thankful to Apoorv Sharma and his team for giving us the opportunity to showcase our designs.

Special thanks are also due to Swati and Pankaj, two trainees students working with us. They reached home almost by 9 PM every day, still they were at site by 9 AM next day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Participating in Proto.in at IIT Mumbai on Jan 30,2010

   Last week, I visited Mumbai to participate in Proto.in, an event for start ups. It was a wonderful experience listening to 15 startups and few entrepreneurs who already made big in the field. The major learning came from Sanjiv of Naukri.com and Pradeep of cyber media. Both of them shared that in the beginning, they faced competition from large company, yet they managed to survive. Being small and without money is not the limiting factor, What limits is what you think your limits are.  Or as Ritu Shri said , YOUR WORDS CREATE YOUR WORLD.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Participation at Mash Up at IIT Delhi on Jan 23rd,2010

On Jan 23rd, we participated and showcased our GSM enabled devices at IIT Delhi in an event called Mash up by TiE.

We participated along with Amit Goenka of Ariose. We had hardware electronics which can record lat/long , speed of the vehicle, listen to the happening around the unit (from a remote location by calling the specified number), switch on/off any electrical device, sense if device is on/off, sense position of doors, sense temperature, humidity. display message on TV screen and so on.. 

This could be used for vehicle tracking, remote monitoring / control of one or more appliances.

Possible usages are

  • Used in a school bus, it can raise alarm as soon as speed exceeds and after few seconds send SMS to school incharge. It can not be deactivated/tampered with. Even if it damaged.burnt and thrown out, it will inform the exact date, time and place of when tempered with by sending SMS ie it can monitor itself. Parents can send SMS and get location of the bus when required. Bus incharge or any authorised person and listen to what is happening in the bus or make announcement sitting at office and even records if it travels away from pre-define route or stop at a place longer than required.
  • Monitor power consumption of a shop/home/office,. If power consumption is high/low than normal then raise alarm. For example if a shop owner forget to switch off AC or some one switching on AC before or after office hours, an SMS will be sent. Also shop owner or some one senior (who has the password) can switch on/off the electrical appliance, make announcement and listed to what is happening in his/her absence.
  • Monitoring traffic lights on roads - Traffic Lights go bad causing jams and accidents. The concerned person do not even know for a long time. This system can alert  repair  team as soon as a bulb/light goes bad, batteries are not getting recharged or mains supply fails.

Ariose showcased their software solution where all these activities are records on computer and user can see a route map of the bus on internet (using google map), keep records of the last few days/weeks and generate report on overspeeding or power consumption or failure history.

We got lot of valuable inputs, suggestions and ideas and few leads for our products.

GVC team included Swati Mehta, Pankaj Talwar, Saurabh and Pusphinder.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attended Smart City Convention on Jan 20,2010

I was sponsored by FMSME to attend one day convention on Smart City. At 25K for one day event, It was beyond my capacity.

At end of the day, I can say one thing with full confidence. India is progressing. Despite limitations and whatever we say against politicians and  govt officials, well change is happening.

I was impressed to know Govt Plans to make Indian cities, the really smart cities.

And as an entrepreneur, I can see lot of business opportunities for me using my embedded electronics products in Smart Cities of India.