Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Employee stole source code - Company files FIR against employee and his customer

Few years back , an employee of a Gurgaon based ACEM TELEPOWER LTD stole source code and started working for another company.

ACME files fir against the employee and his prospective customer. Result was that employee was arrested and put into jail.

While software piracy and stealing of software is not rare - filing of FIR and police action is rare.

This case was filed under sections 379(theft), 408(breach of trust), 420 (Cheating) and 109 (Abetment) of Indian Penal Code as well as some sections of the Information Technology Act 2000.

Good job ACME and POLICE.

Read the complete story here

Sunday, April 4, 2010

High Court favors Garware Ropes against Indian Railways + Contractor

Indian Railways and its contractor used patented technology of Garware Ropes without paying any royalty. The excuse used by them was that it for Indian Railways and Indian Railways invite tenders in the name of President of India.

Yet, Mumbai High Court gave ruling in favor of Garware Ropes and said that tha Garware Wall Ropes can not be deprived of fruits of patents.

News in Times of India can be accessed at link below

And Mumbai High Court Order is here

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indian Patent Holders Stops Samsung Imports against Patents infringement

An engineer from Madurai filed a patent for DUAL SIM CARD long time back. He was granted the patent last year. This year he filed a case that resulted in all imports of dual sim card phones getting held at airport.

Chennai High Court has rejected the SAMSUNG petition.  Engineer from Madurai has demanded a royalty of Rs 35/- per piece from importers.

I am not sure what will be the outcome, yet it shows that Indians are getting aware of IP rights and taking actions to protect it.

See the complete articles in Economic Times March 23,2009

Indian courts inclined towards protecting original works

In a news article in Hindustan Times, leading lawyers talk about various cases in Court where original creators got the support of court and won hefty payments.

Various cases like that of Ram Gopal Verma's movie RANN, Rakesh Roshan's movie KRAZZY 4 were discussed in this articles.

Read the complete article here.

Indian Courts, Police help small time copy right/patents owners and takes action against violaters

In April 2008, Hritik Roshan's movie Krazzy 4 got into problem by unauthorized use of  songs of  Ram Sampath. Hign Court gave verdict in favor of original music creator and he  got 2 crore in out of court settlement. A big boost to original creators.

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