Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Attending ISBA Conference and exhibiting our designs on Feb 8-9-10,2010

This week we participated in ISBA conference and exhibited our GSM based devices at  R@W (research at work) stalls.

We have showcased our GSM based devices and got lot of positive feedback and new ideas from Media, Academicians, Industry people and Funding organisations.

Apart from exhibiting our designs, we also met lot of fellow entrepreneurs with their own ideas and products.  One smart gentleman (singer, yoga teacher and entrepreneur) from Manipur exhibited handicraft products from grass and a pretty young girl with graduation in architecture and post grad in Product Designing and just out of IIT-Kanpur was showing graphics designs.

Well, India is truly a country of brave and intelligent people and lot of opportunities are available now. People as young as college freshers to 60+ starting their first venture were there. It is exciting to be with so many energetic persons.

We also received invitation to show case our products at IIT-Delhi. So on Feb 19th and 20th we will be IIT Delhi at entrepreneur's corner.

A session by DST, IAN informed us about various options of funding and grant available from various govt agencies.

In short these three days gave us lot of feedback about our products, interaction with various entrepreneurs taught us few more lessons on innovation and meeting with academicians and Govt official have shown us ways for getting more support.

And of course we are thankful to Apoorv Sharma and his team for giving us the opportunity to showcase our designs.

Special thanks are also due to Swati and Pankaj, two trainees students working with us. They reached home almost by 9 PM every day, still they were at site by 9 AM next day.

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