Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IIT D Entreprenurial Summit Feb 20-21,2010

GVC particpated in IIT D E-Cell summit on Feb 20 and Feb 21

This was a wonderful experience as six students were part of the team. All of them did a wonderful job and created a space of energy and excitment.

We showcased our GSM based designs. Purpose of the show was to get feedback about our products and look for potential partners and investors. 
                                                                                            GSM+TV was appreciated by almost every one. The feature of getting call details and SMS on TV was unique and lot of people liked this idea.

We met four investors and one of them is now prospective buyer of our design. Apart from Microsoft, Nokia Siemens and Mcdonalds have shown interest in our designs.

Apart from products, we also put up a LCD Monitor and played presentation for the whole day.

Let me also acknowledge students who spent time and energy

Jasmeen Kaur - B Tech IT
Karan Agarwal - B Tech IT
Varun Mathur - BSc IT
Nitish Nanda - BBA
Swati Mehta - B Tech EC
Pankaj Talwal - B Tech EC

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