Saturday, January 23, 2010

Participation at Mash Up at IIT Delhi on Jan 23rd,2010

On Jan 23rd, we participated and showcased our GSM enabled devices at IIT Delhi in an event called Mash up by TiE.

We participated along with Amit Goenka of Ariose. We had hardware electronics which can record lat/long , speed of the vehicle, listen to the happening around the unit (from a remote location by calling the specified number), switch on/off any electrical device, sense if device is on/off, sense position of doors, sense temperature, humidity. display message on TV screen and so on.. 

This could be used for vehicle tracking, remote monitoring / control of one or more appliances.

Possible usages are

  • Used in a school bus, it can raise alarm as soon as speed exceeds and after few seconds send SMS to school incharge. It can not be deactivated/tampered with. Even if it damaged.burnt and thrown out, it will inform the exact date, time and place of when tempered with by sending SMS ie it can monitor itself. Parents can send SMS and get location of the bus when required. Bus incharge or any authorised person and listen to what is happening in the bus or make announcement sitting at office and even records if it travels away from pre-define route or stop at a place longer than required.
  • Monitor power consumption of a shop/home/office,. If power consumption is high/low than normal then raise alarm. For example if a shop owner forget to switch off AC or some one switching on AC before or after office hours, an SMS will be sent. Also shop owner or some one senior (who has the password) can switch on/off the electrical appliance, make announcement and listed to what is happening in his/her absence.
  • Monitoring traffic lights on roads - Traffic Lights go bad causing jams and accidents. The concerned person do not even know for a long time. This system can alert  repair  team as soon as a bulb/light goes bad, batteries are not getting recharged or mains supply fails.

Ariose showcased their software solution where all these activities are records on computer and user can see a route map of the bus on internet (using google map), keep records of the last few days/weeks and generate report on overspeeding or power consumption or failure history.

We got lot of valuable inputs, suggestions and ideas and few leads for our products.

GVC team included Swati Mehta, Pankaj Talwar, Saurabh and Pusphinder.

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